canopy Klingspoor

On the site of ‘The Old Station’ the commune of Sint-Gillis-Waas, Interwaas and heritage Waasland are developing a new visitors center. A green meeting square is the first realization in the masterplan for the area. It gives passengers along the historic railroad Mechelen-Terneuzen the possibility to learn more about the history of the region in a pleasant outside space.

The design brings new life to the railroad history by the realization of a raised platform and an, especially for the project restored, locomotive and wagon. The feeling of the train platform is strengthened by the implantation of a white steel canopy structure that also functions as a beacon for the site. In between the canopy and the future visitors center the implementation of raised planting areas provide the visitors informal and protected seating areas in sun and shadow. An open and non-programmed central space, together with the wide stairs to the platform make that the square can also be used as a local events square with integrated podium.




interwaas and commune